HEALING: Heal Your Body; Heal Your Life: Self Help Guide

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Most of us are way too busy to notice the signs right in front of our faces—this is how many of my clients are.

Step One: Believe You Can Heal Yourself.

They are focused on everything externally- the job, the promotion, the vacation, the clothes, the salary, the car, etc. Which brings me back to my point about Unconditional love. I see this with so many of my clients and I went through this myself. My fancy clothes defined me. My friends defined me. The fabulous vacations I went on defined me. To open myself up. To love, to friendships, to dreams, to everything that is flowing to me. And now I realize the last 30 something years I was blocking everything that was trying to flow to me because I was reaching for conditions to make me happy, which never works.

There is love all around us.

Louise Hay - Your own Healing

We can end up down a road on pharmaceutical drugs with a band-aid approach or we can dive deeper, get to the root cause and heal our minds with joy, happiness and unconditional love. And you are perfect just how you are. So, how can you start to put yourself first and learn how to love yourself?

When was the last time you sat in stillness without your phone or newspaper or a book or someone bothering you? Find more time for yourself to nurture yourself so that you can then, in turn, nurture others your family, your friends, your lover, your pets, etc. So many of us focus on our past or worry about the future and it screws up our thoughts and feelings and vibration that we are giving off to others.

Stay focused in the present moment—if you are washing the dishes—focus on the washing, if you are in the shower—focus on the washing, if you are driving—focus on the driving. True strength comes from learning how to love yourself unconditionally and taking care of yourself- not just on physical level with your food and environment but also with your mind.

Over vegetarian recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, eggs, peanuts, corn and other inflammatory foods. Increase energy, ease bloating, optimize digestion, and get to the root cause of unwanted symptoms.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post! Can you share what type of energy work you did? Specifically the type that released trauma from your mind? It would be greatly appreciated!

Step Two: Find The Right Support

Congrats on your healing journey! Thank you for this, and thank you for sharing your thoughts, recipes, lifestyle, and heart with us. You are magnificent. Thanks so much Danielle!

You Can Heal Your Life

You are so kind. Big hugs and thank you again! I hope you love my book! Amie, I just wanted to say this was a beautiful post. I just literally rediscovered your blog today from a link on Detoxinista and I have to say I am so impressed at what I see. As someone who has been on the journey of overcoming chronic illness for many years herself I feel like you hit the nail on the head.

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Sometimes we all just need a little reminder to get back to basics and be quiet and still enough to trust our own gut. Bravo to you for having the bravery to be vulnerable to share this…it will help a ton of people!! Thank you Mindy; such a lovely note from you! Sending you a huge hug from NYC. Lots of love and thank you again for coming by. Hope you enjoy my recipes and articles.

Big hugs! Hi Amie! That was a really interesting post.

Bibliography - MindHealth

A chance attendance at a Church of Religious Science meeting changed her life. She became a certified church counsellor, and got into Transcendental Meditation after attending the Maharishi's International University in Iowa. At this point she was told she had cancer, and through a combination of radically changed diet and mental techniques, was healed.

After spending most of her life on the East Coast, she moved back to Los Angeles, and was reunited with her mother before her death. Now in her eighties, Hay is one of the world's best-known motivational speakers and writers, and also the founder of publisher Hay House. The essence of Hay's teaching is love of the self and evaporation of guilt, a process that Hay believes not only makes us mentally free but physically healthy, as the study of psycho-immunology attests. Affirmations are vital in becoming the person we wish to be, and the book contains many to choose from.

All the familiar self-help messages are given attention, including breaking free of limiting thoughts, replacing fear with faith, forgiveness, and understanding that thoughts really do create experiences. Hay believes that the inability to forgive to be the root cause of all illness.

Healing requires us to release the pattern of thought that has led to our present condition. The 'problem' is rarely the real problem. The superficial things we don't like about ourselves mask a deeper belief that we are 'not good enough'. Genuinely loving the self but not in a narcissistic way is the basis for all self-healing. Chapter 15 in the book lists just about every illness and its likely corresponding mental 'blockage'.

Skeptics may find the list to be remarkably accurate if they open their minds a little. Therefore, trust in the power of affirmations to manifest what you want. They must always be positive, and in the present tense; for example, 'I am totally healthy,' or 'Marvelous work opportunities are coming to me. Gratefulness for what you do have makes it more abundant. Become aware of the limitless supply of the universe - observe nature! Your income is only a channel of prosperity, not its source.

Security : 'Your security is not your job, or your bank account, or your investments, or your spouse, or parents. Your security is your ability to connect with the cosmic power that creates all things.

Self-love : One of the first things Hay will say to people who come to see her is 'stop criticizing yourself!