Erotic Collection 10: A collection of 6 hot stories

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But I just prefer written erotica to visual porn, probably because it lets my imagination go wherever it wants to.

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I can skim read, go back and forth between the parts that I like, imagine the characters any way I want because with written erotica , the possibilities are endless. Literotica is like the PornHub of written smut. You can find anything and everything here. There are thousands of stories about thousands of topics, which makes this a great site both for people who are looking for something very specific and those who are just exploring.

Girl On The Net has a great combination of erotica, true sex stories, and interesting sex-related blog posts.

Interested in queering things up a bit? Sugar Butch Chronicles is written by Sinclair Sexsmith.

Five Minute Fantasies - Erotic Stories Collection Four - audiobook

Sex, Life, and Everything is a blog run by a real life couple who opened up their relationship after years of monogamy. The site follows their adventures with a combination of smutty stories, sex toy reviews, and some sexy photos thrown into the mix.

Maaya Vikram Bhatt's Maaya created quite a stir on social media. Be it Shama Sikander's sultry performance or bringing the concept of BDMS bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism , it grabbed a lot of attention. The series is now gearing up for the second season and will tell a powerful lesbian love story this time. Considering Leena and Priyal's steamy kissing scene has already gone viral, we can already gauge the interest of the viewers in the series.

Gandii Baat Alt Balaji's Gandii Baat explores bizarre stories from the rural parts of India, and how people are deeply affected by their dark fantasies. And it's not just men, but even rural women go to any extent for the sake of sex - including heinous crimes as well.

10 most popular erotic stories on Bellesa in - Collective - Bellesa - Porn for Women

This series takes the Ragini MMS franchise forward that already has two movies. It features hot and sexy diva Karishma Sharma and Riya Sen and they surely set the screen on fire with their intimate scenes, which were shot in the most realistic way. The highlight was the steamy lip-lock of Nia with her female co-star Isha Sharma, apart from other intimate scenes. And the scond season, took the erotic content value a notch higher.

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A lot of love making and lip locks were part of the series. Also, the role of an independent woman suited Nia and her character got a lot of love of the audiences. Spotlight Dahleez actress Tridha Choudhary, who played a Bollywood actress in web series Spotlight, was seen locking lips and getting intimate with her co-stars. She portrayed the role of an aspiring desperate actress who can go to any extent to bag her dream role.

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